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About Us

Bravo Football Academy BFA was founded in 2008 to fetched out the heading talents within the country and beyond and also as a productive means of discouraging youths from engaging in misconducts including drugs, reducing incidences of crime and vandalism. Sport is a major catalyst in driving young people away from criminal activities. BFA is totally committed to developing interns as both players and individuals. Unlike many other coaching academies, we are run on a full-time professional basis. We offer a winning blend of fun and discipline and bring specialist knowledge, creativity and experience to deliver courses our interns and prospective will love.


Our Vision

Bravo Football Academy, through hard work and commitment will earn the trust of stakeholders and provide ultimate goal for our trainees and sourcing clients around the world. Bravo Football Academy will be recognised and respected all over the world for its award-winning, innovative, cutting-edge excellence. Bravo Football Academy will support and encourage creative talent and reward hard work. Bravo Football Academy shall yield superior returns by expanding our academy horizon and also cooperating with organisations which share our beliefs.


Our Mission

To be proactive in providing a stable framework for human capital and sportsmanship development in Nigeria and beyond. Also to distinguish us in the football academy through excellent service quality steeped in the use of world class training facilities.


We deliver innovative courses that excite and inspire our interns. BFA believes that participation in sport is essential and in doing so it must be in a safe and secure environment. We operate strict intern’s protection policy. All coaches at BFA are FA qualified and possess up to date FA credited Protection and Emergency Aid certificates. We aim to have a player-to-coach ratio of 10:1 as prescribed on international standard.

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